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Products and tips for winter cleaning and organization.

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Spring Cleaning
The jury is out on whether or not to absolutely love spring cleaning—we say love it! At Giant Eagle we have all things spring cleaning, spring organizing and general cleaning tricks to keep your humble abode spick-and-span. We have tons of cleaning hacks for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more! There are tons of unique ways you can shop for alternative DIY cleaning products to keep your apartment clean as a whistle. Spring cleaning is an important part of starting new seasons, and well, new you! Our expertly trained Team Members are well-equipped to show you excellent cleaning products and tricks for staying organized this spring-cleaning season.

Curbside Pickup & Delivery is a great option to save you time and help you check off your cleaning to-do list. Skip the lines and order online, letting our expert shoppers shop your order for you. They will find exactly what's on your list, or recommend perfect substitutes, so you don’t have to. You can also text your personal shopper about item substitutions or any items you may have forgotten to include in your order! What’s more, all prices you see online are the same in-store. We want you to have a safe and comfortable winter season, and Curbside Pickup & Delivery is here to help you spend more time with your family and friends.

Pantry Organization
Some may feel a bit intimidated to organize your pantry, but rest assured at Giant Eagle we have the tips and tricks for easy pantry organization and general pantry hacks to keep things nice and orderly. In the pantheon of things to clean or spring clean, pantries often fall by the wayside. It’s easy to just cram everything in, especially dry goods, and forget about them until the next spring cleaning. To avoid that, we have plenty of amazing suggestions to keep your pantry looking clean, organized, and tasty!

As always, we want to make sure you maintain your health this season. That’s why it’s important to remember that you can always use our Curbside Pickup & Delivery service to stay safe, save time and skip the lines. You can find all the ingredients you need for your health and wellness this year, and any other groceries, through our streamlined Curbside Pickup & Delivery service. Simply download the app or shop online, and we will take care of your order for you. You can schedule a time for Curbside Pickup, or, for an additional fee, we can deliver your groceries straight to you.

Deep Cleaning
Seven words: It’s time to deep clean your house. At Giant Eagle, we have every recommendation and suggestion you need to figure out this year's deep cleaning hacks, deep cleaning tricks and just generally the easiest way to deep clean without losing your mind. Together we will attack the monster dust bunnies and mildew patches that lurk around your darkest corners. Our expertly trained Team Members are well-equipped to show you excellent cleaning products and tricks for staying organized this spring-cleaning season.

We want you to enjoy this season, and there’s no better way to prepare for it than with Giant Eagle’s Curbside Pickup & Delivery. Whether you’re grocery shopping for the week or just trying to avoid the lines and stay at home, you can always find what you need at Giant Eagle. Our Team Members will expertly shop your order, making sure they select the highest quality ingredients, items and freshest produce for your order. Remember, you can text your personal shopper to approve item substitutions or add in items you may have forgotten. You can select free, contactless pickup and we’ll load your groceries for you, or you can pay an additional fee and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

How to Clean a Fridge
To be honest, it is completely valid to search the following phrase: “How to clean a fridge?” If you’re someone who is looking for alternatives to fridge organizations, fridge cleaner, or just generally looking to learn how to organize your fridge better, we have all the best recommendations and suggestions to keep your fridge approachable and respectable. Realistically, nobody likes a dirty, disorganized fridge. Get rid of those pesky fridge stains and grocery duplicates this spring season, and together we can spruce it up!

And remember; at Giant Eagle we want you to have a safe experience shopping with us and want you to know that Curbside Pickup & Delivery is always available to you. Shopping online or through the Giant Eagle Grocery app is a great way to utilize the Curbside Pickup & Delivery Experience. Our expert personal shoppers will gather your groceries, ingredients, and gifts, ensuring that you have more time to spend with your family and friends. Simply shop your order online, select your local Giant Eagle, and we will take care of the rest.
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