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Decadent, daring, delectable. Dips do more than taste amazing. They’re also a great example of food bringing people together. No party or gathering of any size is complete without them. So that you can celebrate and share the very best dips with friends and family, we’re giving you some of our favorite dip recipes and tips.

There’s a little of everything in the recipes below. They’re cheesy, herby, sour creamy, crabby, sun-dried, yogurt-based, you name it. You can serve anything with them too: the classic cracker, a baguette from our Bakery, fresh veggies, cut fruit, pita and more. And, most importantly, they’re easy to make.

All you need to bear in mind are a few bite-sized pieces of advice:

How to Serve Dips In Style

  • Put dips out right before the party begins to minimize warming; serve any dairy or meat-based dips on ice.
  • Provide spoons for guests to add dip to their plates (hence, avoiding the dreaded double- dip.)
  • Colorful foods like red and green pepper slices, broccoli, and bright grape tomatoes are always fun. They’re a subtle scene setter for any festive event.
  • Tastefully tie dips into your decorations by choosing recipes that match your color scheme.
  • Use small bowls, cups or ramekins so guests can have their own dedicated dip—again, no worries about double-dipping.

Dip Flavor Tips

  • Let spices come to the forefront in simple dips. Oregano, rosemary, and dill can shine!
  • If you have sour cream, plain yogurt and onion soup mix, a delicious dip is never far.
  • Want to dip your dessert too? Serve in-season fruits with sweet dips. Indulging can be good for you after all.

Tips for Storing Dips

  • Keep any perishable dippers like fruits and veggies in the fridge before serving. You can sprinkle them with a touch of lemon juice to help them from browning.
  • For easy transport to parties, safely seal dips, veggies and other dippable items in their own plastic bag.
  • Throw out if the temperature reaches 70°F or above before six hours.

Fun and Festive Dip Recipes

Watch How to Make Five Different Dips

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Cannoli Dip
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Reuben Dip
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Queso Dip Three Ways

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