Easy Kids Lunches

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Easy Kids Lunches

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Sending the kids back to school this year may mean a few more months of remote at-home learning, and all the challenges that come with it. And while you may not need to pack a traditional school lunch, there’s still an opportunity to make lunchtime a fun time for your kids to take a break and enjoy a tasty, healthy meal — that doesn’t take a ton of time to prepare!

For some easy-to-make lunches and snacks both you and your kids will love, here are our tips and recipes.

Plan Ahead
Making a lunch meal plan saves time and energy later on in the week. You can even help your kid feel like part of the lunch packing process by giving them snack options to choose from. Use a shoe organizer on your pantry door to separate out the week’s snacks and let your kid pick from one section for each day. They can pick one from the crunchy snacks section, one from the sweet snack section, et cetera. Giving your kid options makes them feel like they have a little more freedom with their lunch and will (hopefully) cut down on fights with picky eaters.

Batch and Freeze
Making big batches of soup, stew and other freezable meals is a great way to have lunch options you can simply reheat and eat. Plus, you can generally jam-pack soups and stews with protein and veggies for warm, comforting bowls of healthy, hearty lunches.

Keep Them Snacking
Keeping snacks handy that your kids can grab on their own is a simple, easy way to keep them full and occupied in between meals. Pre-cut fruits, veggies and cheeses and leave them in easy-to-reach places so your kids can have a healthy snack without having to ask you for it. Plus, having healthy, easy-to-eat snacks around at all times can help the whole family start eating healthier without even trying!

Ready-to-Eat Recipes

Taco Tuesday Lunch

It doesn’t even have to be Tuesday to enjoy these easy kids lunch tacos. Load them up with veggies for an even healthier meal!

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Kid’s Asian Noodle Salad Box

Leftover rotisserie chicken taking up space in your fridge? Use it to create this simple, kid-friendly, Asian-style back-to-school lunch.

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Back-to-School Bento Boxes

Have a little bit more time on your hands? Get artsy with these beautiful back-to-school bento boxes.

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