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Feed Your Appetite for Adventure

What would summer be without exciting new experiences? Part of the thrill of road trips, outdoor excursions, and backyard barbecues is embracing the unexpected. The other part is planning so you can make the most of every moment and be ready for wherever the trail takes you. This year that might call for extra creativity, but that’s why we’re here. Relax — after all, that’s another thing no summer should be without — and take a trip through our guide to summer explorations of flavor and fun, indoors and out.


Beyond the Ordinary

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Grilled Veggie Fattoush

Salad that Sizzles

Now fire up the grill and make our easy Veggie Fattoush recipe for yourself.

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Break From the Norm in the Morn

Tips and recipes for barbecuing your breakfast.

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Grilled Foil Pack Meals

Explore Campfire Cooking

Learn how to pack efficiently and eat deliciously with these easy meals for camping and advice for eating great in the great outdoors.

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S’more Ways to Enjoy Summer

Nothing says summer like chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers… except these exciting s’mores recipes!

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Even More

Ways to Explore

A Basketful of Tips

How to plan the perfect outdoor outing during National Picnic Month.

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Picnic Pairings

Which wine is right for the cheese you choose? Find out here before you pack up.

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Sundaes for Summer Days

Here’s a cool idea: throw an ice cream social and have fun making our creamy sundae creations.

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Get to Know Your Tomato

Learn about types of tomatoes, get tips for picking and storage, and find fun ways to use them.

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Savor It for a Rainy Day

There’s no such thing as bad weather when you have ideas for a fun, food-filled day indoors.

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Cold Brew By You

Learn how to make the ever-trendy drink at home.

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