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From grub to gifts, we have all the best for your prized pupil.

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Graduation Party Planning

Today’s Lesson: How to Throw a Party Like a Pro

Planning a graduation party doesn’t have to involve hours and hours of studying what to get or calculating complex equations to see how much it’ll cost. You can find everything it takes to throw a commencement soirée that’s sure to earn high marks — at a low price — at your local Giant Eagle or Market District, or on Curbside Express.

We know your hands are full keeping track of caps and gowns, sending invites, worrying about the impending move to college (or the move back home), so we’ve put together a cheat sheet of sorts to help you pass grad party planning with flying colors.


Supplies & Prep

Full Course Catering

School cafeteria lunch this is not. Our expert Caterers will help you pick a perfect spread from our Entertaining Guide featuring your choice of appetizers, sandwiches, entrees, sushi and desserts. It’s the most delicious kind of multiple-choice exam.

Graduation Cake Ordering

Raise your hand if you want fast and convenient cake ordering. It only takes a few clicks to order a customized cake. Just choose your flavors, add a personalized message and let our Bakers take it from there. All you have to do is pick it up.

Set the Table for a Successful Party

Don’t forget the essentials. Add high-quality cups, paper plates, flatware, napkins, you name it to your Curbside Express order. Watch the perks add up and imagine how much you’ll save next time you shop. And you thought you’d never need all that math you learned.

After School Snacks

Any party without the obligatory chips, pretzels and cheesy snacks deserves an incomplete. Stock up on bags of crunchy, salty and munchy snacks now so you’re ready when hungry classmates start to arrive.


Gift Ideas