Have a Frightfully Fun Halloween

Celebrate Halloween at home with our socially distant tricks, tasty treats and more.

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Halloween Party

Tis’ the Season to Be Scary

No matter what, celebrating Halloween is going to be a lot different this year. While we might not get to go trick-or-treating or to a packed Halloween party, there are still ways to have just as much fun at home or outside safely. Keep reading for tips on how to have a socially distanced party, unique costume party ideas, dangerously delicious recipes and more!

Go Wild With Decorations
Filling your home with Halloween decorations is a great way to get into the spirit safely. And you don’t need to wait until October 31 to start celebrating! As soon as October 1 hits, it’s game on for spooky season. Start slow with decorating your kids' lunch. A juice box or water bottle wrapped in white medical tape is suddenly a mummy! Or, pick up some fun stencils or cookie cutters to turn sandwiches, desserts and more into witches, pumpkins and monsters. You don’t need to stop with just kids’ lunches. Turn every October dinner, online game night or family breakfast into a monster mash with fun food decorations. And when in doubt, googly eyes. Googly eyes on everything.

Dress to Impress
Even if you’re not going to your annual Halloween events, you should still get your family to wear costumes. Since your kids might not be able to show off their amazing costumes, easily set up a spooky photo backdrop in your living room with black paper, sheets and other Halloween decorations for a fun family photoshoot. You can even set up a caravan-style Halloween parade in your neighborhood driving by decorated houses and dropping off treat gift bags at loved ones' doorsteps.

Tricks for Treats
If socially distanced trick-or-treating isn’t available in your neighborhood, or you don’t feel comfortable doing so, there are still a ton of ways you can help your kids hunt for candy. Have a playhouse inside or in the yard? Have your kids — or other members of your household — take turns waiting inside for “trick-or-treaters” with a big bowl of candy. Or, take a trick from Easter’s bag by hiding candy all around your house, yard, or neighborhood in plastic “Halloween” eggs or baggies for a fun activity everyone can enjoy safely.

Jack O’ Lantern of All Trades
Carving Jack O’ Lanterns is a classic Halloween activity that’s a perfect at-home activity. Easily create showstopping pumpkins by using downloadable stencils and simply following the pattern. You can even get markers, glitter, and other art supplies, to decorate the outside of your pumpkin for a less messy project. Learn more about picking the perfect pumpkin for carving — plus some Jack O’ Lantern history — here.

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Devilishly Delicious Recipes
Whether you’re planning a socially distant soirée — or just want some dishes to get you in the mood — check out some of our favorite Halloween party recipes:

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Can O’ Worms

Alt text

Witches Broomsticks

Alt text

Spooky Punch

Alt text

Mummy Dogs

Alt text

Halloween Quesadillas

Alt text

Chocolate Eye Cookies

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