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Holiday Floral Care Tips

Wreath, evergreens, poinsettias and other plants aren’t just for the holidays. They make great decorations for the entire winter. How do you keep them vibrant? It’s actually quite easy if you follow a few simple tips.

Fresh Evergreens
To make wreaths, garlands and cut trees last, keep them out of direct sunlight and follow these easy-to-remember tips.

A little hydration goes a long way. Give your wreaths a quick mist every couple of days to keep them lush and green.

Stay Cool
The winter weather will help preserve your plants if they’re outside. If you keep your greenery indoors, try to avoid placing it near a heat source, like a fireplace or radiator, that will dry them out. And, follow tip number two and spray away to keep them hydrated.

Fresh Bouquets
Our bouquets pair well with many of our unique vases. In each bouquet there is a packet of floral preservative. Place the preservative in the vase, fill the vase halfway with water. Cut the stems and drop the bouquet into the vase. Change water every three days.

Rosemary Trees
A Mediterranean native, the aromatic leaves of this plant are often used in cooking. Rosemary pairs well with our Market District olive oil.

Poinsettias need 6 hours of light per day — not direct sun though. They thrive in temperatures ranging from 60-70 degrees. Poinsettias like moist soil, but not wet soil.

Pre-greened Arrangements
Create a unique arrangement with our pre-greened liners. We have many options to choose from. All you have to do is add flowers for a one-of-a-kind look.

Looking for more advanced advice on any other type of plant we carry? Our in-store Floral Experts are happy to help. Selection varies by store.

Beautiful Holiday Décor Is at Your Store

The holidays come but once per year, why not make the most of the celebration-filled season? Your tree and all its trimmings, the colorful lights you string up and the stockings you hang from your mantle certainly make things merry. Sprucing your home up with any of the floral and evergreen accents below will take your decorations to new heights.


All of our bouquets are hand-tied which makes it very simple to place in any of our unique vases


There’s no warmer welcome to your home than a fresh, piney wreath hung on the front door.

Outdoor Décor

Our fresh cut Urns, Wreaths and Hanging Baskets add a unique flair to your outdoor décor.


Gather friends and family around our centerpieces for merry and memorable holiday meals.