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Holiday Breakfast
Christmas breakfast is the event that really sets the tone for the whole Christmas experience, well, of course, besides the gift giving and toys! Breakfast for the holidays can be tricky, with so much effort being put into Christmas dinner, typically. If you’re looking to do a holiday spin on breakfast, try spicing things up with a gingerbread breakfast, like a classic waffle breakfast that is spiced with gingerbread seasonings. Similarly to the fall fascination of pumpkin spice, you can find the gingerbread equivalent and use it on everything sweet! Waffles, pancakes, muffins, the list goes on! Pair this with some savory and salty bacon and eggs, and you’re in business for a successful holiday breakfast.

As always, Curbside Pickup & Delivery is a great option to save you time this holiday season. Skip the lines and order online, letting our expert shoppers shop your order for you. They will find the freshest produce and highest quality ingredients to up your holiday flavor experience. You can also text your personal shopper about item substitutions or any items you may have forgotten to include in your order! What’s more, all prices you see online are the same in-store. We want you to have a safe and comfortable holiday, and Curbside Pickup & Delivery is here to help you spend more time with your family and friends.

Christmas Steak
Steak on Christmas is a common and often successful Christmas meal. If you’re looking for prime rib, steak recipes, or just wondering how to cook a Christmas steamed steak, look no further. While the Christmas steak is maybe a little less famous than the Christmas Ham, you better believe any meat-loving guests would greatly appreciate a perfectly cooked christmas steak or prime rib. Prime rib is also lovely when entertaining a larger group for this Christmas season, because it allows you to control portion size in case a whole steak is just too much for some of your guests. A few slices of prime rib and they’re good to go!

You can find all things Christmas meat-y at your local Giant Eagle, and encourage you to try out our Curbside Pickup & Delivery this holiday season. Our expert Team Members will shop your order for you, selecting the best ingredients, freshest produce, and highest quality items so you don’t have to. Simply download the Giant Eagle Grocery app, shop and place your order, and we’ll do the rest. You can select curbside pickup and we’ll load your groceries for you at no additional charge, or you can select delivery for a small fee. Either way we want your holiday season to go off without a hitch.

Christmas Ham
A classic Christmas dinner isn’t complete without a Christmas ham. Honey glazed ham is disputed as one of the best Christmas ham recipes, but there are also plenty of whole ham recipes you can check out if you’re looking for an alternative spin on a holiday ham classic. One of the best aspects of a Christmas ham is the sharing element— have a designated holiday ham carver dish up all of the slices of ham. Full honey glazed hams can feed the whole family and then some. Honey glazed ham also pairs well with practically any vegetable side, especially brussel sprouts and potatoes. When considering what to pair your ham with, definitely try to stay in the heartier lane of side dishes.

If you’re concerned about getting all of your holiday grocery shopping out of the way, we want you to know that Giant Eagle Curbside Pickup & Delivery is here to help. Order your entire holiday meal ingredients for free contactless pickup or delivery. Simply choose your store and pickup time, then add your desired items to your cart. Our expertly trained personal shoppers will select fresh and quality groceries, saving you time this holiday season.

Christmas Sides
While Christmas sides are never featured as the centerpiece of your holiday dinner, the best side dishes and traditional Christmas foods should be given their respected place at the table. To put it in the terms of Thanksgiving, you can’t just have a Turkey without mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, etc. Christmas sides are integral to balancing out your main dish, especially if it’s a classic Christmas honey glazed ham. You want your Christmas sides not to overpower the main dish but to balance with the hearty nature of most Christmas main dishes.

We want you to enjoy your Christmas sides this season, and there’s no better way to prepare for it than with Giant Eagle’s Curbside Pickup & Delivery. Whether you’re making tasty holiday sides from scratch or shopping for some delicious premade holiday fixings, you can find what you need at Giant Eagle. Our Team Members will expertly shop your order, making sure they select the highest quality ingredients, items, and freshest produce for your holiday dinner this season. Remember, you can text your personal shopper to approve item substitutions or add in items you may have forgotten. You can select free contact-less pickup and we’ll load your groceries for you, or you can pay an additional fee and have it delivered right to your doorstep. This holiday season should be safe and easy for you, and we’re here to help.
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