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Stocking Stuffers

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Holiday Candy

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Simple Holiday Shopping

Pick up everything you need for holiday feasts and more with quick and convenient Curbside Pickup and Delivery.

Holiday Gifts
When people think about holiday gifts, the first thing that comes to mind is Christmas gifts. Whether you’re asking yourself, “What to get dad for Christmas,” or “What to get mom for Christmas,” the answer is always a bit tricky. At Giant Eagle we want you to have a special Christmas this year, making sure you find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. We get it, sometimes Christmas gifts can be a bit overwhelming, which is why gift cards and eGift cards are always an excellent choice for any Christmas celebration. At Giant Eagle we have plenty of diverse gift card brands so you don’t have to worry about which type of plushie to get your niece and nephews, or what type of snowblower to get for Dad. We want this Christmas to be as easy as possible, and you can find that shopping at Giant Eagle.

And remember; at Giant Eagle we want you to have a safe Christmas and know that Curbside Pickup & Delivery is always available to you this holiday season. Shopping online or through the Giant Eagle Grocery app is a great way to experience the Curbside Pickup & Delivery Experience. Our expert personal shoppers will gather your holiday groceries, ingredients, and gifts, ensuring that you have more time to spend with your family and friends. Simply shop your order online, select your local Giant Eagle, and we take care of the rest.

Gift Cards
The easiest way to make sure everyone gets what they want for Christmas this year is giftcards. It’s an easy present idea and the best gift for when you’re in a bind, don’t know what they want, or simply can’t decide. Let them decide for themselves! At Giant Eagle we have many gift cards that are perfect for any gift giving occasion, especially Christmas. When asking yourself, “What are the best gift card gifts,” just remember that a gift card can really be anything so long as you find the appropriate brand. This year we recommend if you’re running behind on gift giving, make sure to prod your friends and family for the favorite brands. If you’re trying to be secretive and don’t want them to catch on to what you might be gifting them for Christmas, try to pay attention to what clothing brands they wear.

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable holiday experience this season, and there’s no better way to spend a Giant Eagle gift card than by using Giant Eagle’s Curbside Pickup & Delivery. Our Team Members will expertly shop your order, making sure they select the highest quality ingredients, items, and freshest produce for your holiday dinner this season. Remember, you can text your personal shopper to approve item substitutions or add items you may have forgotten. You can select free contact-less pickup and we’ll load your groceries for you, or you can pay an additional fee and have it delivered right to your doorstep. This holiday season should be safe and easy for you, and we’re here to help.

DIY Holiday Gifts
A great alternative to traditional store bought gift-giving is simply to make your own gifts! In fact, there’s many seasonal accoutrement and inexpensive christmas gift ideas you can make on your own. You can make your own candy as a gift or get all the kids in the family together for some easy DIY ornaments. For making your own gifts there really isn’t any limit to what you can make. You can take the artistic approach and bust out the old watercolor set and try to paint all of your family members, or you can go out in nature and find a small brand and saw off little slices to make custom family coasters! If you’re going the yummiest route, you can shop all things candy and ingredients to chef up some tasty treats for this holiday season.
v We want to make things easier this Christmas season, which is why it’s important to remember you can always take advantage of our safe and convenient Curbside Pickup and Delivery stores. Order your entire holiday meal ingredients for free contactless pickup or delivery. Simply choose your store and pickup time, then add your desired items to your cart. Our expertly trained personal shoppers will select fresh and quality groceries, saving you time this holiday season.

Gifts For Your Pets
Chances are if you’ve got a pet, then you’ll be looking to do a little gift giving for the hairy family members this year. If you’re wondering what to get your pet for Christmas, we have plenty of fuzzy-friend gift giving ideas you both will love. If you’re trying to get the best Christmas presents for your dog, we recommend dressing them up in some fun Christmas related costumes, maybe a tiny santa hat! As for the gift itself, some fancy dog treats or maybe even a bone will satisfy any pooch. As for Christmas presents for your cat, we recommend the easiest route with catnip. Cats are unusual creatures and difficult to predict their reactions to most instances of human behavior, and if you’re feeling extra curious maybe also try slipping your cat into a costume. They will likely really not like it, but hey! It’s Christmas, you furry little grinch!

As always, Curbside Pickup & Delivery is a great option to save you time this holiday season. Skip the lines and order online, letting our expert shoppers shop your order for you. They will find the freshest produce and highest quality ingredients to up your holiday flavor experience. You can also text your personal shopper about item substitutions or any items you may have forgotten to include in your order! What’s more, all prices you see online are the same in-store. We want you to have a safe and comfortable holiday, and Curbside Pickup & Delivery is here to help you spend more time with your family and friends.
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