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Carve a Ham

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How To Carve a Ham

Ham Carving Tips From Giant Eagle Experts

A large juicy ham is a staple item for the upcoming Easter season. Its warm glaze and delectable sides make for the perfect family dinner. But, ever feel intimidated when asked to carve the holiday ham? We know that it can seem tricky, especially with all that pressure coming from hungry family members. We have put together a few tips to ease the nerves this Easter! Create a beautifully arranged platter with the help of Giant Eagle!

Hot out of the oven, steaming with warm smells and dripping glaze, the ham is ready to be carved. Grab a sharp knife and cutting board and follow our step-by-step instructions to help you perfectly carve your Easter ham!

1.   Place the cooked ham on a cutting board and trim 1-2 slices from the bottom of the ham to create a flat surface. Turn the ham so that it rests on the flattened side, so it feels stable and easy to slice.

2.   On the narrow end of the ham, cut a wedge from it to create an easy start to the slicing.

3.   Begin making ΒΌ-inch slices (or desired thickness) in the ham, slicing down to the bone.

4.   Starting at the thick side, run the knife along the bone under the slices to release them from the ham.

5.   After releasing the slices from the ham, arrange on a platter, watch your guests be impressed, and enjoy!

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