10 College Must-Haves

Important essentials every new college student should pack.

Items to pack for College

College Essentials
With in-person learning returning to many college campuses, the back-to-school season is more exciting than ever. The best way to set your college students up for scholastic success is to make sure they have a comprehensive college packing list. While you may have already thought of the basics; shampoo, conditioner, body wash, laundry detergent, etc., keep reading for essential college items no student should be without.

Whether your college student is on a meal plan or plans to do their own shopping and cooking, they’re likely not receiving all of the vitamins and minerals they need. Balance the traditional college microwave delicacies with essential vitamins and supplements to make sure your student stays nourished and healthy.

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First Aid Kit
From bumps and bruises to the headaches they’ll get cramming last minute for exams, make sure you send your college student off to school with a fully-packed first aid kit.

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Shout Color Catcher
If it’s the first time your college student is doing their own laundry, they might not always remember—or have the time—to separate their whites and colors. A laundry aid like Shout Color Catcher can easily be thrown in the wash to make sure their white shirts and new college apparel stays bright and clean.

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Disinfectant Wipes
If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that a clean space is a healthy space. Stock your student’s dorm room with disinfectant wipes for a quick and simple way they can keep their space clean all year long.

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Can Opener/Multipurpose Tool
Canned foods are simple to cook and easy to store, so stocking up on them is an inexpensive way for your college student to eat. But the biggest mistake most college students make is not having a can opener! Pick up a can opener or a multipurpose tool that does it all to ensure your student can when it comes to cans.

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Food Storage Containers
Food storage containers are perfect for sending your college student to school with a home-cooked meal or preserving slices of late-night pizza, but they are also great for organization. Food storage containers can be used to organize jewelry, lotions, school supplies and can be stacked neatly away under dorm beds or in closets to make the best use of a small space.

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Air Freshener Spray
Since most dorms do not allow candles or incense burners, a good air freshener spray is a must-have for any college campus resident. Pick up one for your student’s room and one for the bathroom—with backups—for a quick and simple way to freshen up any space.

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Hand Wipes & Sanitizers
Your new college student is sure to meet tons of new people each day, and while that’s great for their social life, they should still be sure to use hand wipes and sanitizers after high fiving, shaking hands or sharing supplies.

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Even in cooler months, the sun is out there. Protect your college student’s skin all school year, summer break and beyond by making sure they have—and use—a sunscreen after high fiving, shaking hands or sharing supplies.

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Extra Toothbrushes
Everyone—and that includes college students—should be replacing their toothbrush every 3-4 months or after you’ve been sick. Since your college student might not remember or be able to head to the store for replacements, be sure they’re stocked up with enough extra toothbrushes after high fiving, shaking hands or sharing supplies.

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Additional Must-Haves Checklist

Grocery Gift Cards
Grab a grocery Gift Card for your college student so they can pick up fresh produce or any missed essentials they might need.

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Curbside for College

Pick up everything your college student needs—plus the groceries and essentials you need—with quick, convenient Curbside Pickup and Delivery.