5 ways to add extra flavor

Marinade Recipes

Don’t Wait, Marinate!

The best steak you ever made could be your next steak. Or, maybe you could kick your grilled chicken up a notch. By following the marinade recipes below and mixing a few simple ingredients, you can bring more amazing flavor to your cooking. They’re easy and delicious and that’s not all.

Marinating is a great idea for reasons beyond boosting flavor. Depending on the ingredients, some marinades can reduce the carcinogens that grilling and other high-temperature cooking methods may create. Acidic ingredients like vinegar can also help tenderize meat by breaking down tissue.

But, the best part is the great taste. So, when you’re planning your next cookout or even a weeknight dinner …

Make these Marinade Recipes

Bourbon Black Pepper Marinade

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Peruvian Marinade

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Korean Barbecue Marinade

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Greek Marinade

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Hoisin Five Spice Marinade

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