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Eat for Your Heart

Eat for Your Heart

A healthy diet for your heart is one based on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, lean poultry and fish, nuts and legumes, and non-tropical vegetables oils.

Red meat should be limited, along with saturated and trans fats, added sugar, and sodium. And since obesity is a risk factor for heart disease, calories matter. Keep things in moderation.

Oatmeal Has the Fiber You Want

There’s solid evidence that whole grain oats and oat bran can help lower blood cholesterol thanks to the power of beta-glucan – a soluble fiber, largely unique to oats, that basically tells your liver to pull LDL cholesterol out of the blood. Then, it binds to some of the cholesterol in your gut, keeping it from ever reaching your bloodstream.

Three grams of this beneficial fiber daily* are needed for this effect, and one bowl of Old Fashioned Quaker Oatmeal provides two of those grams.

Remember, a healthy diet isn’t the only factor to consider when concerns related to heart health arise. Everyone should know their cholesterol numbers and consult a health professional for advice on managing cholesterol and heart health.

*Three grams of oat soluble fiber daily as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Digestion Do-Gooder

Every time you eat a bowl of oats, they get busy feeding your body fiber, and fiber can help keep things moving through your colons and intestines. And that’s great – because you definitely want to make sure that colon is chugging along.

Experts recommend eating at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day from a variety of grains, fruits and vegetables to help support a healthy digestive system. And one serving of oats provides four grams of fiber.

Food to Fuel Up

With so much talk about so-called ‘bad carbs’, oats have been written off and cut from many diets. But the truth is, whole grain oats are a complex carbohydrate with nutritional benefits.

A bowl of cooked oatmeal breaks down to become energy that’s slowly absorbed by your body. And that means it’s energy that will last. Every bowl of cooked Quaker® Old Fashioned Oats helps give you lasting energy while also providing a good source of thiamin, phosphorus and magnesium.

Exercise Does a Body Good

Not only is exercise good for your body’s overall health, it can actually help you feel more energized. Aerobic exercise can help you sleep better, while regular physical activity has been shown to offer significant improvements in your overall psychological wellbeing.

But remember, if you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor or health care professional about your new routine.

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