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Is the sandwich the world’s most perfect food?

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National Sandwich Day

Bread, Meat & Cheese? Yes, Please!

August is National Sandwich Month — a day to celebrate food wrapped or contained in bread. With hundreds — maybe even thousands — of variations, it’s hard not to find at least one type of sandwich you love and want to celebrate. This Sandwich Month, discover answers to age-old questions like: Did the Earl of Sandwich invent the sandwich? (Probably not.) Is the hot dog a sandwich? (Probably yes.) Plus, get tips, tricks and recipes to make better sandwiches at home.

To Have & To Hold
We’ve all heard at least one version of how the sandwich was invented. In the early 1700s, the Earl of Sandwich — a consummate gambler — was hungry for something he didn’t have to use both hands to eat, and that wouldn’t get grease on his playing cards. His cook then placed salted beef between two slices of bread and served it to Sandwich. He was delighted, and soon his fellow players began ordering “the same as Sandwich” and a food phenomenon was born.

This may have been how sandwiches got their name, but putting meat, cheese and veggies inside two slices of bread has been around way before the Earl needed a high-stakes snack. Throughout the Mediterranean, versions of “the sandwich” that were filled with fruits, meats and jams had been enjoyed for centuries and eaten by the handful — literally. But it wasn’t until the Earl of Sandwich popularized this tasty treat did it start to spread through Europe like one spreads peanut butter and jelly on, well, a sandwich.

Which Is a Sandwich?
The definition of a sandwich is a food item in which one or more pieces of bread serves as a container or wrapper for some other type of food. Within that wide definition, many foods you wouldn’t think are sandwiches, actually are. A hot dog is a sandwich. A hamburger is a sandwich. And in Boston, Massachusetts in 2006 a court ruled that a sandwich includes at least two slices of bread, so an open-faced sandwich is — technically — not a sandwich.

Make a Better Sandwich
Ready to celebrate with your own homemade sandwich yet? Think outside the PBJ with these helpful tips and tricks.

  • Bread Basics: Your bread is the home for your sandwich, so choose strategically. If you’re going to fill your bread with toppings that hold a lot of moisture, choose a hard, dense bread. For thicker, stiff toppings, go with a fluffier bread.
  • Build & Bite: To maximize your sandwich’s freshness, eat your creation soon after you make it. If you’re packing a sandwich for later, try to separate the ingredients and build your sandwich on-site for the best bites possible.
  • Add Some Crunch: There’s nothing better than a sandwich with a good crunch to it. Add fresh crispy lettuce, bacon, or even potato chips to your sandwich to satisfy that much-needed sensation.
  • Season Your Sandwich: Seasoning isn’t just for cooking. Amp up your sandwich’s flavor profile with a simple sprinkling of salt and pepper — or even paprika and fresh herbs — for a delicious finishing touch.

Serious Sandwiches

Check out a few of our favorite sandwich recipes you can make and enjoy today!

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