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Make mouthwatering homemade stuffing for this year’s holiday feasts.

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Stuffing can be the star of your holiday spread or it can be a dry, starchy mess you have to smother with gravy to save. This holiday season, wow your friends and family with show-stopping stuffing using some of our favorite tips, tricks, and homemade stuffing recipes.

What is Stuffing?
Generally served as a holiday side dish, stuffing is a bread-based casserole. From cranberries to sausage, herbs, spice and more, you can fill your stuffing with a variety of seasonal ingredients and flavors. But before you commit a stuffing sin, keep reading for how to make the best stuffing, every time.

Dry Out Your Bread
You may think “fresh is best,” but when it comes to stuffing you want to make sure your bread is completely dry. The type of bread is up to you‚ you can even use day old bagels or cornbread as your base, but if you want to know how to avoid soggy stuffing, remember to dry your bread on your counter for a few days or in your oven before cutting it into stuffing-ready cubes.

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Use the Right Amount of Liquid
Almost worse than soggy stuffing is stuffing that is too dry. You want to add in your stock about a half cup at a time depending on how much stuffing you’re making. Your stuffing mix should be absorbing the liquid and not pooling at the bottom. Like crispier stuffing? Use a sheet pan instead of a casserole dish to spread out your stuffing so that more surface area is exposed to direct heat.

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Choose Seasonal Add-Ins
One of the best things about stuffing is that you can pretty much add in any seasonal ingredients you’d like! Just be sure to precook ingredients like celery, onions, sausage, etc., so that they don’t end up raw in your stuffing. And don’t be afraid to experiment!

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Check out some of Chef Ben’s favorite stuffing additions:


Don’t Have Time for Homemade?
Pick up a box of premade stuffing for a fast, tasty option for a hassle-free feast.

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Get Cooking
Use our tips with one of our favorite stuffing recipes today!

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