Cleaning Tips for Summer

Get your home ready for warmer weather and keep it clean all season with these easy summer cleaning ideas.

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Summer Cleaning Tips

Cool Air Conditioning Cleaning

We all need a break from basking in the summer sun sometimes. Having a clean and efficient system for keeping cool is a must. If you have central air, vacuum your vents or remove the vent plate and wash it with dish soap and water. Or, if you rely on window units to keep cool, remove the filters and wash them with soap and water to remove dust. Most units have an easy-to-open compartment in the front that allows you to easily slide the screens out. After washing, let them dry in the sun or dry them by hand with a towel.

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#1 Fan Tips

Along with air conditioning, ceiling fans, box fans and all the oscillating options are essential tools for keeping cool. But they also accumulate dust. Especially if you’re not using them much during colder months. Dust off the blades with cleaning tools or wipe them down with soap and water if they’re extra dusty. Don’t forget to flip the directional switch from winter mode to summer mode either. While beating the heat is part of summer, so is reducing the allergens that are enjoying their time in the sun.

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How to Clean Your Grill

Right up there with a nice, cool A/C in terms of summer necessities is being ready to bring the heat with a cookout-ready grill. You probably used your grill right up until the last minute last year, and maybe you—understandably—didn’t fully clean it. There’s always hope for one more grill session before the weather turns too cold, right? Lucky for you cleaning a grill is easy. Turn it on high and close the lid for 15 minutes then scrape off the grates with a grill brush. Or, if your grill is a little rusty, clean it with baking soda and vinegar.

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Freshen Up Your Fridge

Summer is a great time to clean your refrigerator. With all the cookouts you’re planning and seasonal produce you’re surely shopping for, it’s a great time to make room and to get your fridge looking fresh inside and out. Start by throwing away, recycling or composting anything that’s past its prime. Next, take out your shelves and drawers so you can give them a good scrubbing. A little dish soap and water are all you need.

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Window Cleaning

The excitement of opening your curtains to let the bright summer sun in can quickly be undone by dusty and smudge-covered windows. Fret not, cleaning your windows isn’t as daunting of a task as it may seem. You can get them crystal clear in a number of easy ways. Pick up a bottle of window cleaner, or make a solution of distilled vinegar and warm water or soap and water and spray it on. Then use a squeegee to wipe it off without any streaks.

Here’s a pro tip: wait until a cloudy day. The sun’s rays can make your cleaner evaporate before you get a chance to wipe it off, leaving unsightly streaks.

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Dusting is a Must

Regular dusting is necessary year-round. But it takes on even more importance during warm weather months when seasonal allergies are at their peak. Open windows and blowing fans and air conditioners can compound the problem. Keeping up with dusting is easy. Just stock up on dusting products and wipe it away.

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Garbage Can Cleanse

Naturally, your garbage cans, both indoors and out, can quickly become grimy and gross. When the weather is hot that can mean unpleasant smells and bugs in no time. Clean your cans out with heavy-duty cleaners and disinfectants before they get too messy.

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More About Bugs

Even with the cleanest home and yard, bugs are often bountiful. Ants, mosquitos and more can be pesky at best. Keep them at bay by keeping bug sprays on hand.

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