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Breakfast on the Grill

Everyone loves a perfectly grilled hot dog for lunch or steak for dinner, but what about breakfast? Why do we only roll out our grills for afternoon and evening dining? This summer, make your morning meals more “al fresco” than ever before with our simple tips, tricks and tool recommendations for breakfast on the grill — plus some delicious, family-friendly recipes you can try today!

Get the Right Accessories
Unless you’ve figured out a way to balance an egg or pancake on widely spaced grill slats, the first step to a tasty barbecue breakfast is getting the right accessories for your grill. A grill mat allows you to have a flat surface to grill on, but is thin enough to infuse that delightfully smoky flavor you can only get from a grill into your food.

Flip or Flop
A majority of breakfast foods — like eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc. — need to be flipped, and flipped correctly. Using the metal tools that generally come with your grill can damage your grill mat and the plastic tools from your kitchen can melt, so for optimum flipping power, invest in silicon-covered spatulas and tongs.

Watch Your Grease
If you’re grilling bacon, be sure to keep an eye on the amount of grease that pools on your grilling mat. Too much grease while grilling bacon can fall off your mat and into the flames — which can be very dangerous! To control your grease, keep paper towels and your tongs handy so you can blot as you grill.

The best part of a barbecue breakfast is that all you have to do is add eggs and you’ve got a morning meal. Leftovers like hamburgers, hot dogs, and veggies from last night’s grilled dinner can quickly become your morning omelette! Make it an activity for the whole family by seeing who can come up with the most creative grilled breakfast — non-winners have to clean up!

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