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Corn on the Grill

It’s almost summertime and the corn grilling is easy. Well, it will be easy after you read our tips and tricks! If you’re curious about how to grill corn — or just want some unique recipes to add to your grilling tool belt — here are some simple corn grilling hacks.

The Fresher the Better
To set yourself up for barbecued corn success, try and select the freshest corn possible. Corn picked peak season and close to grilling time is best. Don’t worry too much about the color of your corn, but the kernels should smell sweet, be firm to the touch and be free of any black tassels.

To Husk or Not to Husk?
Whether you remove the husk on your corn or not really comes down to personal preference and grilling style. If you want that fresh-off-the-grill smoky taste, remove the husks, but be sure that your grill is set to a medium-high heat and turn your cobs every 10 minutes until the kernels begin to soften and char slightly. Leave them on too long and the corn dries out and gets chewy. Leaving the husk on is an easier way to ensure your corn doesn’t dry out, but be sure to trim off any excess husk so it doesn’t burn or catch fire on your grill.

Soak Your Husks
When you’re cooking corn on the BBQ, some people like to soak their husks before grilling so they can’t catch fire. Soaking can dampen the sweetness of your corn. However, it can be a useful technique if you’re using older, less fresh corn, but ideally, you aren’t!

Season When Warm
Once you’re done grilling, let your corn rest. While it’s still warm, add your butter and other seasonings so that the flavors can really melt into the kernels for a rich, delicious bite every time.

Unique Corn Recipes
Take a break from the classic buttered cob with our unique, out-of-the-box recipes:

Mexican-Style Street Corn

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Japanese Honey-Soy Glazed Corn on the Cob

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Pepperoni Roasted Corn on the Cob

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Born to Corn

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