Grill Cleaning 101

Step-by-step help on how to clean a grill in prep for outdoor celebrations!

Summertime Grill Cleaning

Fire Up That Grill

Summertime is right around the corner and you know what that means – it’s grilling season! It’s time to get your outdoor kitchen in full swing. Let’s start by deep cleaning your grill because a clean grill is a happy grill! Getting rid of all that grease, oil, and left-over food will help your grill run better and look great! We are here to help you get your grill in tip-top shape so you can cook the best meals on the block.

You don’t want unwanted flavors and bacteria from old stuck-on food in your next meals. While quickly scrubbing before and after each use is always a good idea to keep your grill fresh and food tasting great, a deep clean at the beginning of grilling season is a must. Follow the simple guide below to make your grill shine!

Grill Cleaning Tools
These don’t have to be fancy or super expensive – a couple items and some manpower will do the job! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Heavy duty gloves
  • Rags and/or sponge
  • Strong bristled brush with long handle (If you don’t have a brush, ball up some aluminum foil and hold with long-handled tongs.)
  • Metal scrubber
  • Bucket
  • Grease-cutting soap
  • Warm water

Grill Cleaning Steps

1. Scrub the outside of the grill with warm, soapy water.

2. Fire up your grill. Close the hood and let it heat up. This will burn off any big clumps of stuck-on food.

3. Turn off gas and disconnect gas lines. Specifically, for a charcoal grill, remove the bricks and brush out the ash before cleaning.

4. Dip a wire brush into a bucket of the warm water and soap. Scrub the grates.

5. If grates are still dirty you may need to soak them. Once soaked, scrape away left-over grime.

6. Clean inside the walls and hood of the grill with a scrub brush and rag.

7. After you have thoroughly scrubbed down your grill, wipe down the grates with a cloth to remove any bristles that may have come off, so they do not get into your food.

Pro Tips:
• Along with soapy warm water, apply vegetable oil, baking soda, or vinegar to clean the grates and prevent future rust and food build up.

• Keep your grill protected with a grill cover.

• Replace your grill brushes annually.

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