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Think you know how to make a milkshake? Think again!

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Tips for Making Better Milkshakes at Home

Take a Milkshake Break

Nothing brings back the sweet memories of childhood quite like a milkshake. Whether you enjoyed your local diner milkshake or came up with your own milkshake recipes at home, this classic dairy dessert has been delighting generations of kids — and adults — since Walgreens employee Pop Coulson invented the classic milkshake in 1922. If you aren’t already craving a tall glass of your favorite flavor milkshake yet, you will be after you read these milkshake tips, tricks and unique recipes!

Get the Right Ratio
Everyone has their own milkshake preference, but for a creamy, thick milkshake, our favorite ratio is 3 scoops of ice cream to ¼ cup milk. If your ice cream is too hard you might add too much milk — and not enough shake — so leave your ice cream out for a few minutes before scooping. You can even place it in the microwave for up to 10 seconds so that it gets soft enough to easily scoop, but doesn’t get soupy.

Cool Your Glass, Not Your Shake
Unless you want a watered-down shake, don’t add ice! Your ingredients should be cool enough on their own. You should, however, stick your milkshake glass in the fridge or freezer when you start prepping to keep your drink cool without sacrificing creaminess.

Blend My Friend
Once your ingredients are ready, first add the ice cream into your blender and start it on its lowest setting while you slowly pour in the milk. You can then add in any other additives or ingredients you want like fruits, candies or syrups. And, don’t forget to top with a heaping helping of whipped cream and a cherry for that picture-perfect classic milkshake look.

Shake It Till You Make It
Ready to dive into milkshake making? Start with one of our delicious recipes handcrafted by our milkshake-loving professional chefs!

Cookies and Cream Milkshake

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Bananas Foster Milkshake

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake

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Start Shaking

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