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Summer Skincare Tips

Why You Should Care About Suncare?

We know the feeling. The sun is out, the weather is warm and you want to get outside and have fun. Before you rush headlong into a summer packed with outdoor activities, keep in mind the ways sunscreen protects you:

  • Shields your skin from harmful UV rays
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Prevents sunburns
  • Reduces the risk of skin cancer

You’re probably already aware of these benefits. But are you sure you’re setting up your sunscreen for success? Proper suncare is not as simple as slapping on any old lotion. If you really want to soak up the sun without feeling the burn, follow these tips:

Apply Everyday
Sunscreen is a must any weather. UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin even on cloudy days. Make sure you find a broad spectrum product with a high enough SPF (sun protection factor) rating and use roughly one ounce for full coverage, or about as much as you can fit in a shot glass.

Let It Soak In Before You Go Out
After you’ve applied your sunscreen, it’s wise to wait before you plop yourself down next to the pool. Sunscreen takes about 20 minutes to fully set in enough to effectively fight UV rays. A little patience can prevent a lot of pain.

Remember to Reapply
Even if you apply thoroughly and don’t miss a spot, you’re not necessarily protected all day. In general, smart suncare requires reapplication every two hours. If you’re swimming or sweating, you’ll want to reapply even more frequently.

Check the Date
Sunscreen loses its effectiveness over time. If you have a tube from a previous summer, play it safe and start the season with a new one. It’s better to be safe than sunburned because you trusted your old SPF not-quite-30.

Misting Is a Must
Your scalp is an often overlooked area prone to burning. You may think you can skip it, but if your hair is parted, or even just naturally thin, you could end up with a painful burn. To prevent scalp burns, look for misting or sprayable sunblock and give your hair a helpful spritz.

Beyond Sunblock
Lotions and sprays aren’t the only way to stay protected. You can also stay safe from the sun with everyday necessities like cosmetics and contact lenses. Check the labels to see if any level of UV protection is listed.

So, Which Sunscreen is the Best?
Everyone’s skin is different, so different sunscreens will have different results. Carefully try a few to see which you like best. We’re personally pretty fond of Australian Gold’s Botanical Sunscreen because it’s made with nutrient-rich natural ingredients. And, for exercise or other high-intensity activities, we like Coppertone Sport Clear because it resists sweat.

Give them a try or explore all the other options at your local Giant Eagle or Market District. As long as you have an Advantage Card, you’ll earn your perks on anything you buy.

What to Do If You Get Burned?
It’s happened to us all. You forgot, or missed a spot, or just didn’t put enough on and now you’re hurting. We have a few easy ways to ease your pain. You might still feel the sting of showing up to work looking like a lobster, but your burns will fade faster.

  • Take cool showers
  • Use a moisturizer made with aloe
  • Take aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce redness
  • Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration
  • Keep burned skin covered to avoid further damage

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