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St. Patrick's Day Foods and Facts

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday rooted in Irish-American tradition. It began as a way to remember and celebrate the patron saint Patrick, a missionary who brought Christianity to Ireland. When the Irish immigrated to America, they brought the Feast of St. Patrick with them to remember their heritage. Today, it's widely celebrated with parades and parties (and you don’t have to be Irish to participate in the fun festivities!).

Better Brisket
Ever wonder how corned beef and cabbage became the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal? Corned beef quickly became an alternative to the typical Irish’s feast of salt pork because it was similar in taste and cheaper in America. The name suggests that corn is involved, but that’s not true. Corned beef is a salt-cured brisket and the large rock salt pieces used are called “corns.” Cabbage was paired with the meat because it was the cheapest vegetable available. Here are four fun and easy alternative ways to use your corned beef leftovers!

Mustard-Crusted Corned Beef with Cabbage Potato Cake

Traditional Brews
Beer, especially Guinness®, is also widely consumed on St. Paddy’s Day. An average of 13 million pints of Guinness were poured on March 17, 2019. Other traditional Irish beers to try include Irish Cream Ale, Irish Porter, and Irish Lager. Look for these brews at your neighborhood Market District!

Luck of the Irish Food

Many foods are believed to bring you luck! Indulge in foods like fish, pork, grapes and cakes to boost
your chances of future well-being. Or, make St. Patrick's Day foods like these.

Green Goodness

Turn your food green to brighten up your St. Patrick’s Day meal! Just add a few drops of food coloring to any festive treat:

Ice Cream
Rice Krispies Treats™
Deviled Eggs
Mashed Potatoes

Fun for the Wee Ones

St. Patrick’s Day fun can be had at any age. Of course you can dress up in green apparel and decorate with shamrocks—Ireland’s national emblem that stands for hope, faith, love and luck. But there are lots of other activities you can do to get your little Leprechauns involved.

Build a Leprechaun Trap
Start with a box, get some coins or make-believe gold for bait, and add a little creativity. No matter how you design it, maybe you’ll get lucky and catch a Leprechaun who will lead you to a pot of gold!

See Recipe

Listen to Irish music
Just about any upbeat Irish tune will have your kids dancing in no time!

Plant Shamrocks
Let them get their hands dirty and you’ll have good luck growing right in your backyard!

Donate to a Green Cause
St. Patrick's Day is the perfect date to educate your kids about the importance of sustainability. Give to an environmental organization or volunteer to clean up the neighborhood.

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