Winter Cleaning Tips

Surprisingly easy tricks to keeping a clean and cozy house this winter.

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Fall Cleaning Tips

There’s a certain mystery about winter that we’re here to solve for you; despite being cozied up at home during the winter, your house still manages to get dreadfully dirty despite rarely stepping outside. Whether you have kids, dogs, or this mysterious case of winter funk, the same thing remains true: it’s time to clean. Surfaces tend to get dustier, windows get crustier, well—you get the point. At Giant Eagle we have a whole host of tips to get you off the couch and into cleaning action so you can avoid a dirty winter dwelling.

Disinfecting Common Items

Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s cold and flu season. Make sure to wipe down often touched appliances and objects—door handles, bannisters, phones, tv remotes, laptops, oven and fridge handles. Anywhere that your hand goes, wipe it down! Odds are it’s been a while since your last good disinfecting, and it can give you a good jumpstart on dusting while you’re at it.

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A Thorough Window Wiping

During the winter you need every ounce of sunlight you can get, especially if you’re trying to beat a pesky case of winter blues. That’s why cleaning your windows should be a top priority for you this winter. Crusty and fogged up windows block sunlight, and if you’re trying to maximize the light you get in your home, don’t overlook cleaning your windows! The same can be said for your car windows, mirrors, and headlights as well. Swing by your local Giant Eagle to restock on some window and glass cleaner today!

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Gross Garbage Cans

In the same way that you’ve disinfected your common items, the garbage can should be next on your list. The inside of your garbage can is likely funky to say the least and handles and rims likely could use a good wipe down as well. Stock up on some heavy duty cleaners and disinfectants to get the job done.

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Cleaning The Curtains

Curtains are basically magnets for all the dust, pollen, and dirt that was tracked into your house throughout fall. Even if you don’t have allergies, it’s important to keep your curtains dust and pollen free this winter.


This should probably come with no surprise: your entry way could use a cleaning. Whether it’s wet and dirty boots or pet paws, it’s time to take a crack at the entry way and consider getting a new doormat. Clear out your entryway and give it a good mopping and consider grabbing a new doormat while you’re at it.

Furnace Filters

Bet you forgot about your furnace, didn’t you? Furnace filters are pesky, and with the heat running you’re going to want a better filter to prevent the intake of dust and dirt. Furnaces are basically funnels for dust and dirt, so it’s a great idea to stay ahead of the curve and replace you furnace filter.

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