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Wine & Cheese Pairings

On warm summer afternoons there’s nothing better than packing up some lunch and heading to your local patch of grass for a relaxing picnic. Now, you could just throw some cheese, crackers and wine in a basket and call it a day, but if you’d really like to elevate your picnic prowess, put some thought into your wine and cheese selections with these palate pleasing pairings.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese & Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling

Both blue cheese and riesling boast flavors you either can’t stand or can’t get enough of, which is one of the reasons they make a great match! The salty pungency of the blue cheese and the sweet citrus of the riesling balance each other out for an unbeatable pairing that proves that opposites really do attract.

Feta & Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

For a sauvignon blanc cheese pairing, try feta. A soft and crumbly feta and a bright citrusy sauvignon blanc have some of the same flavor profiles, but instead of canceling each other out, they highlight those flavors and bring them out even more for a match made in wine and cheese pairing heaven. Try feta crumbles on a watermelon salad for an even more filling wine and feta pairing!

Aged Parmesan & Josh Chardonnay

Rich and buttery, chardonnay is the perfect pairing for a dry, nutty parmesan cheese. Which is unsurprising considering how delicious a parmesan-smothered pasta or pizza tastes with a glass of chard’ too!

Mozzarella & Bieler Pere Et Fils Provence Rose

For a rosé cheese pairing, a sliced mozzarella log is a light and tasty option. On its own, mozzarella can be pretty one-note, but pair it with a crisp and sweet rosé and you’ll wish you discovered it sooner!

Brie Cheese

Brie & LaMarca Prosecco

What wine pairs with brie? A sparkling wine! Both decadent and celebratory, this prosecco cheese pairing is a classic. But you may want to save this rich mix for a special occasion — even if that occasion is you just bought some really good prosecco and brie.

Colby & Meiomi Pinot Noir

Colby cheese is like a more mild cheddar, which makes it perfect for the complex flavors of pinot noir. Plus, this firm, sturdy cheese is able to hold its own again the full body of the wine so neither are competing for your palate.

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