Are Frozen Foods a Fresher Bet?

Frozen foods are a great option for you & your family.

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Chill Out in the Frozen Foods Aisle

Picture it: You’re at your local Giant Eagle buying your usual items. You approach the frozen foods section and ask yourself “should I buy these frozen foods or stock my cart with only fresh foods?” You may think that fresh foods are the only healthy option, but it turns out frozen foods overall have a higher nutritional content, are less expensive, save time, and may even limit your carbon footprint.

How Fresh Is Fresh?

Food that is labeled as “fresh” often takes weeks to reach shelves. Even if you live right near a lake or ocean, the “fresh” fish you buy are caught miles away and have to travel on trucks to get to your stores. Frozen foods are “flash frozen” meaning they are quickly frozen right at their peak freshness, trapping in all their taste and nutritional value. And, like Han Solo in Return of the Jedi, when they are unfrozen they remain in the exact state of handsomeness they were when they were frozen, unlike fresh foods that have had time to age and ripen.

Frozen Food Month Berries

Enjoy Year-Round

Enjoying frozen foods also means you no longer need to worry about seasonality. Those delicious strawberries that are only grown during the summer months can now be enjoyed year-round thanks to freezing.

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Good for You (and Your Wallet)

Frozen foods are inexpensive ways to enjoy the fruits, vegetables and fresh fish health bloggers are always telling you to eat. Since frozen food doesn’t spoil, you don’t need to worry about it going to waste like fresh food would. Plus, frozen foods are often easier to prepare than their fresh counterparts, having already been prepped and peeled, saving you time and effort.

A Smaller Carbon Footprint

Buying frozen foods generally means fewer trips to the grocery store, meaning you reduce your impact on the environment by using less gas and wasting less food. Access to healthy, easy-to-prepare foods also makes you less likely to order in, or go out to eat, again, saving gas and all the packaging, containers and useless utensils that go along with ordering in. That junk drawer in your kitchen full of old ketchup packets, chopsticks, and sporks will thank you.

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Stock Up

So the next time you go grocery shopping, in addition to the fresh food your family already loves, head over to the frozen food section for even more healthy, sustainable food. What you’ll lack in fridge space, you’ll make up for in delicious meals for you and your family. Check out all the selection of frozen items available for curbside pickup or delivery today.