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Ice Ice (Cream) Baby

Snow One Knows

No one really knows exactly where and when ice cream was invented, but ice cream historians have two main theories, and they both involve ice cold snow. The first theory claims that ice cream was invented in ancient Rome, where Emperor Nero sent messengers out to the mountains to collect snow that he would flavor with fruit and honey. The second theory claims that ice cream was invented in China where they would use snow flavored with rice and milk to make a creamy dessert. Either way, we’re snow glad it was invented.

Hold The Cone

Can you imagine buying an ice cream cone and not having the option of housing your cold treat in a deliciously sweet and crispy waffle cone? Thanks to an ice cream vendor and a waffle cart owner at the World’s Fair in 1904, you don’t have to. The ice cream vendor ran out of paper cups. Looking for a solution, he turned to a nearby waffle cart and together the two owners created a way to fold the waffles into cones to hold the scoops, and the waffle cone was born.

Sundae Funday

In certain towns in America in the late 1800s, ice cream floats were not allowed to be sold on Sundays out of respect for rules against consuming sugary beverages on the Sabbath. To get around this, a soda shop owner in Illinois created an ice cream dish that replaced the soda with flavored syrup and began selling these creations on Sundays instead. The spelling was later changed to avoid confusion between the dish and the date, and sundae mania began.

Is It Ice Cream?

What exactly constitutes ice cream? Is gelato ice cream? Is frozen yogurt ice cream? Is sorbet ice cream? In order to be considered ice cream, there must at least 10% milkfat present. Any ice cream substitute that doesn't contain at least 10% milkfat must be called an “iced dessert.” So the answer to the last three questions are no, no and no.

Brain Freeze

Brain freeze. We’ve all experienced it at some point in our ice cream eating lives and it does not feel good. Brain freeze, or ice cream headaches, happen when the coldness of the ice cream hits the temperature sensors on the roof of your mouth. Before your body has time to process the sensation, your nerves send pain receptors to your brain signaling heat loss. The quickest and easiest way to get rid of brain freeze is to cover the roof of your mouth as quickly as you can with your tongue to warm up those sensors and tell your brain you’re fine, you’re just enjoying a deliciously creamy, ice cold treat.

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