Baking the Best Brownies

Learn how one the easiest to make desserts can be even better. Plus, try a few new recipes.

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Brownie Recipes & Tips

A Piece of Cake ... or Fudge
Brownie baking is simple. You don’t need much experience in the kitchen to make perfectly moist and cakey or gooey and fudgy brownies. That’s why even your little ones can gladly lend a big hand in mixing, cutting, and — their favorite — tasting.

Yet not every batch of brownies comes out of the oven the way you pictured it. And even when it does, what if your brownies could have been even better? By learning a few tips, you can make every batch the best ever.

Brownies Homemade to Perfection

Brownie making can be broken down into three basic steps: mixing, checking for doneness, and cutting — told you it was simple. Perfect all three and you’ll be glad you did with every bite you take. But don’t worry, even if something goes wrong, we’re not quite sure there is such a thing as a bad brownie. As you’ll see, a little creativity goes a long way.

Master the Mix
You’ll want to be able to create your preferred consistency consistently. The key lies in the recipe. For cakey brownies, you’ll need a mix that’s heavier on cocoa powder and flour. Rather go with gooey? The fudge factor is a product of more eggs, butter, and decadently melty chocolate. Make your preferred mix from scratch with our recipe below as guide, or shop our ready-to-use mixes.

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Toothpicks and Other Tricks
This is where push comes to shove, or rather poke. The rule of thumb for determining donesness and preventing overcooking is to stick a toothpick into your brownies and pull it out. If the toothpick slides out clean, you’re all done, right? Maybe.

If you’re going full fudge, there’s always going to be some chocolatey goodness stuck on the sides. You risk overcooking if you wait for a morsel-free toothpick that may never arrive. Instead, check for cracks. Once the first fissures appear you can be confident your brownies are cooked just right.

A Cut Above
The next, and final, challenge is to get the brownies out of the pan intact and cutting them clean before sharing. By lining your pan with parchment paper, your brownies won't stick to the sides.

Now you’re ready to cut. Believe it or not, the most effective method we’ve found for slicing sheer sides that don’t crumble is a plastic knife. It cuts through without sticking like some metal knives might.

Brownie Blunders
Every oven is different. And there’s often a fine line between baked to perfection and over baked. If the dessert you hoped would be fudgy or fluffy ends up a little too crispy, we have two favorite ways to save dessert that might actually be even more delicious.

The first trick is to slather on some rich, creamy icing. It hides the imperfections in your confections and adds an extra layer of sweetness no one will mind. Or, if you intended on using icing all along, or your brownies are extra crispy, crumble them up and sprinkle them over ice cream. Why let a good thing go to waste, right?

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