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Make baking with your kids go as smoothly as possible with these tips and tricks!

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Baking with Children

Bake Sweet Treats with Your Kids Today

Do you need a fun and rewarding activity to do with your children? Baking sweet treats like cookies, pies, and cakes is a great family-friendly project! We understand this may seem like a crazy and overwhelming task, but we're here to help everyone enjoy the baking process.

We want your baking adventure to go as smoothly as possible! Here are 8 tips to use when you are baking with children.

Give Them a Choice
Let them pick what recipe they would like to make! Check your ingredients before you begin and provide them with three to four recipes to choose from. Don’t overcomplicate things. Choose recipes that make for simple baking with kids. We have gathered some delicious and kid-friendly recipes for you and your family to try!

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Jam Thumbprint Cookies

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Unicorn Pie

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Potato Buttermilk Rolls

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Make a Game Plan
Read the entire recipe together before starting. Then gather all of the needed ingredients and set them out on your workspace. If you are baking with multiple children, divvy out the tasks. If just one child is helping, work closely and allow them to help as much as possible and when they would like to!

Perfect Pairings
When deciding which child should do which step make sure they are given age-appropriate tasks. Responsibilities like stirring and pouring are great for younger kids, while – measuring, reading the next steps, and cleaning are better for older children. And everyone can have a hand in the best job of baking – taste testing!

Tools of the Trade
One important thing that may get overlooked while baking with children is to provide them with tools that they will feel comfortable using. Finding baking utensils that are manageable for little hands can be hard, so switch them out with their everyday utensils and either cut down the portion size they are working with or help them along with a regular-sized tool.

At-Home Lesson
Baking is filled with opportunities that you can turn into a fun and educational lessons!

• Use cookie cutters in the shape of letters for spelling practice.

• Teach them how to measure while preparing the ingredients.

• Practice counting all of your cookies when they are finished baking.

Not only do they get math and reading lessons, but through experimentation they are learning about textures and working on their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills through whisking, stirring, pouring, and rolling.

Patience is Key
We know that baking with kids might seem like an overwhelming activity but keep reminding yourself that it will create great memories filled with limitless teachable moments. If mistakes happen – which they likely will – no biggie! Take a deep breath and show them what steps to take to fix it the next time around!

Embrace the Mess
There will be spills, dropped eggs, and flour everywhere, but it can all be cleaned up in the end! Baking is about trying new things and learning along the way! Let the activity be slow, have paper towels and sponges ready to go, and embrace the mess!

Have fun!
This is definitely the most important tip we can give you. Time with your children is so special. Make the best of it by letting the little mistakes and mishaps go. Enjoy the process! Put some of your favorite tunes on and dance, sing, and bake your day away!