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September 29th is National Coffee Day so we thought there was no better time to share why we use only high-quality, fresh-brewed 100% Arabica beans at all of our Giant Eagle, Market District and GetGo locations. Keep reading to find out what “100% Arabica” even means, how it makes our coffee so delicious and why it’s important for us to use high-quality, sustainably sourced coffee.

Single-Origin Story
The two most commonly grown types of coffee are Arabica and robusta. Coffee grown from Arabica beans is sweeter and softer than the harsher, more grainy taste of robusta, and has hints of chocolate, nuts and berries. While robusta is easier to grow—with a heartier plant that can withstand many different climates—Arabica beans are considered higher quality because of their deep, rich flavor. Arabica beans also take longer to mature and harvest but—like most good things—they are definitely worth the wait.

The Daily Grind
Since Giant Eagle was founded in 1931, our buyers have been obsessed with delivering the highest quality products and services—and our coffee is no exception! Today our buyers work directly with coffee roastmasters and farmers to develop unique, custom blends and single-origin coffee to create premium, national brand-quality for less. No matter what your coffee preference, you’re sure to find the perfect brew for you.

Find Your Flavor

Now that you know what 100% Arabica means, check out some of our favorite blends and brew cups compatible with your favorite single-serve coffee maker for a simple and delicious cup, every time.

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