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Is 2021 the year of the flexitarian?

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Food Trends in 2021

What to Eat & Drink in 2021

2020 was the year of the at-home baker when many restaurants closed and folks were quarantined inside their homes for a lengthy time. From banana bread and cookies to carefully cultivated sourdough starter kits, if anything thrived in 2020, it was a newfound appreciation for baking basics. With so much uncertainty still in the world, 2021 will most likely see people still in their home kitchens, but instead of experimenting with the perfect breads and sweets, it looks like this year will bring more homemade savory foods to the table. Keep reading for possible food trends in 2021.

Flexitarian Diets
2020 was a time to indulge in comfort foods at a time we needed them the most. In 2021, many are deciding to buckle down and focus more on their health and the health of the planet. While it may be difficult for some to go full vegan or vegetarian, the flexitarian diet is an easy way to reduce your animal protein consumption without drastically altering your eating habits. Meat alternatives like Beyond Beef® and Impossible™ Burgers or meat-blend patties you can make at home are likely to gain traction this year as we shift our focus from comfort to health.

Pantry Meals
In an effort to reduce unnecessary trips to the grocery store and save money, many are looking to their own pantries to use ingredients they already have on hand. While 2020 turned many into expert bakers, 2021 may very well be the year of the expert chef, whipping up family meals from the “secret ingredients” they find in the backs of their cupboards and fridges like canned foods and pastas. Here are a few recipes you can try today with items you probably already have!


Have a lonely box of pasta? Make Pasta e Fagioli.

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Black Beans?

Don’t know what to do with those black beans? Create your own Black Bean Veggie Burgers.

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Creamy Peanut Butter?

Make Black Bottom Peanut Butter Pretzel Pie!

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Move over cauliflower, 2021 is all about the chickpea. From chickpea flour to homemade hummus, chickpeas are widely available, affordable and delicious, making them a perfect flour alternative and welcome addition to any meal or snack. Chickpea pizzas are on the cusp of becoming the next social media darling, so get in on the trend early by creating your own recipes and topping combos.

At-Home International
Since we most likely still won't be able to travel much in 2021, many will be feeding their own travel bugs with homemade versions of beloved international dishes. Get ready to see mashups of cuisines from around the world as people experiment with international flavors to taste a bit of travel without leaving their homes. Start your own experiments today with two Korean recipes we love.

DIY Kimchi

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DIY Korean Beef BBQ

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