Unique Ways to Use
Peanut Butter

Learn Surprising Ways to Use Your Excess Peanut Butter – from Cookies to Home Fixes

Unique Ways to Use Peanut Butter

Spread-Worthy Uses for Peanut Butter

With its delicious taste and versatility, peanut butter is a staple item in most kitchens. But, did you know that it is great for more than just cookies and sandwiches? Peanut butter can be used in many unique ways from your classic PB&J to fixing squeaky tools.

Since around 1,000 B.C., spreadable peanut butter has been invented and reinvented many times and in many ways. Finally, in the 1890s, peanut butter, as we know and love it, was created from grinding roasted peanuts until they reached a smooth and gooey consistency. It certainly took off from there and continues to be a favorite food – Americans eat around 700 pounds of it each year.

Are you a huge peanut butter lover like we are? Whether you are a smooth or chunky fan, we have some cool ways to use all that peanut butter stashed in your cupboards like you’ve never thought of before.

Breakfast Addition
Top off your pancakes, waffles, fruit parfait, smoothie, etc. with a dollop or spread of creamy peanut butter!

Popcorn Topping
Drizzle peanut butter over popcorn for a sweet addition to your movie night snack. Add chocolate chips and mini marshmallows to turn it into a fun dessert!

Dessert Pizza
For a super unique dessert idea, make a simple dessert pizza! Use peanut butter as the sauce and top with your favorite chocolate or other candies and enjoy!

Peanut Butter Cookies
Don’t forget the sweetest treat of all – peanut butter cookies!

Butter Substitute
If you run out of butter while baking, use a 50/50 mix of peanut butter and oil for the recommended butter amount. This substitute will work for most baking needs and give your dish a hint of nutty flavor.

Odor Eliminator
Peanut butter is a great way to get those unpleasant smells out of the house after cooking fish or other potent foods. All you need to do is put a tablespoon of smooth peanut butter in a frying pan and melt for about two minutes!

Pill Disguiser
Having trouble giving your pets their necessary medications? Put the pill in a spoonful of peanut butter and chances are they won’t have any problem taking it because it masks the medicine's shape and taste!

Squeak Reducer
Use peanut butter as a lubricant for things around your house and in your shed, like hinges and tools! Simply spread a hunk on the problem area and the natural oils will grease the surface and reduce the annoying squeak.

Health Benefits
Peanut butter is a great food to incorporate into your eating habits! It contains:
•  Monosaturated fats that help reduce the risk of heart disease
•  Vitamin B3 converts food into fuel
•  Vitamin B9 aids in repairs in the body
•  Fiber promotes digestive health

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