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Flu Season Home Remedies

Stay Healthy at Home

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep our minds and bodies as healthy as we can. While COVID-19 is top of mind for most people — and, we should be following CDC Guidelines when possible — we are still just as susceptible to the common cold and flu, especially as the seasons change. Keep reading for tips and insights about immunity boosting foods and practices from our in-house Dietitians.

Eat Well
Maintaining a balanced diet is always important, but during this year's cold and flu season, you should make sure you’re paying extra attention to everything that goes in your body. You may think simply loading up on vitamin C may be a quick cold remedy, but according to in-house Dietician Kira Paris Felker, “Eating vitamin C rich foods or taking vitamin C supplements may benefit the immune system, but won’t necessarily prevent a cold/flu altogether.”

The National Institute of Health even states: “Although vitamin C has long been a popular remedy for the common cold, research shows that for most people, vitamin C supplements do not reduce the risk of getting the common cold. However, people who take vitamin C supplements regularly might have slightly shorter colds or somewhat milder symptoms when they do have a cold. Using vitamin C supplements after cold symptoms start does not appear to be helpful.”

So keep guzzling down OJ if that’s what you like, just make sure you keep an overall healthy diet to maximize your chances of staying healthy. And if you feel sick, check in with your doctor to monitor and track your symptoms.

Good Hygiene
It may seem obvious now, but good hygiene is incredibly important. Wash your hands after you use the restroom and cooking, when you return home from grocery shopping or any outing, and whenever you handle anything that has been touched by a lot of people. It’s also important to keep devices clean we interact with on a daily basis as well. Clean items like your computer and phones — since they are constantly in our hands and near our faces — often. If you have to cough or sneeze, wash your hands immediately after.

Regular physical exercise is key to staying healthy. Find an outdoor activity you enjoy doing alone or with your household — like walking, running or even dancing — and get that body moving! Equally as important to your mental and physical health are stress management and sleep. Stress takes a huge toll on the body. Whatever you can do to keep your stress levels down is important in maintaining a healthy immune system. Plus, a good night’s rest ensures your body has enough time to reset, repair and prepare for a new day.

Feed Your Body Right
Even if you’re feeling healthy, a good bowl of soup is just as comforting for the mind as it is for the body. Check out some of our favorite recipes you can make at home or send to a loved one today.

Winter Minestrone

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Chicken Udon Soup

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Lentil Rice Soup

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Kale, Tomato & Vegetable Soup

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