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Leave your pans shining in no time with this helpful guide to cleaning your baking sheets!

A Simple Guide to Cleaning Baking Dishes

Get Shiny Pans in No Time

Our trusty baking sheets that last for years can use some much-needed love from time to time. We all know that well-done, well-loved look that they get – darkened hue, brown gunk, slightly sticky. Even though you thoroughly wash it after each use, the buildup is hard to get completely clean. We have some great tips and tricks on ways to win the scrubbing battle with supplies you likely already have in your cupboards!

There are many different safe and effective ways to clean that annoying and tough grime on your baking sheets and pans. Methods that are commonly used involve:

• Oven cleaner and a Brillo pad
• Dryer sheet and water
• Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda
• Vinegar and baking soda
• Boiling water with baking soda and foil

Revive your pans in a few simple steps. Here is one full example of a way to make your baking dish look brand new – or as close as possible.

1.   In a large container or plugged sink - so the sheet pan can soak - mix ½ cup baking soda and ½ cup white vinegar. *Pro-tip: the vinegar and baking soda are great for cleaning both the sheet pan and the drain of your sink.

2.   Soak sheet pan for 30 minutes – 1 hour.

3.   Scrub with a scouring pad, the rough side of a sponge or steel wool. Do so in a circular motion. Use some elbow grease to firmly scrub the pan.

4.   After scrubbing, clean with dish soap and water, and dry extremely well to prevent rusting.

5.   To help keep the sheet pan clean in the future, cover with parchment paper or aluminum foil whenever you're going to use it.

There are several ways that get the job done – pick one and get to cleaning! Now, you are ready for more spring baking adventures!

During Soaking

Green Baking Dish During Cleaning


Green Baking Dish After Cleaning

During Scrubbing

Greasy Skilllet During Cleaning


Skillet After Cleaning

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