Pet Care Tips

Be cool by learning what you can do to care for dogs and cats in the summer heat.

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Summer Pet Care

Keep Your Pets Safe All Summer

The arrival of summer carries with it a new set of concerns for pet owners. Heat, bugs and harmful UV rays can make it more challenging to take care of cats and dogs and they can put a damper on your fun day in the sun. Not to worry, though. As long as you take the proper steps to keep your pets safe, you can make sure they enjoy summer as much as you do.

How to Cool Down a Dog or Cat

Whether you’re out on a walk with your dog or watching your cat closely in your yard, when the temperature rises high enough it can quickly cause distress. Letting your dog take a dip in a pool or lake is great way for them to get refreshed while you’re out, but there’s plenty you can do at home to cool down your cat or dog.

Always make sure you have clean drinking water. If you’re out on a longer walk, bring a bottle big enough for everyone. You can find collapsible, portable bowls your dog can drink from on the go.

Serving canned food is also a great way to maintain a healthy level of hydration due to its water content. Or, for an extra special summer treat, look for doggie ice cream in our Frozen section.

Cool towels are another easy way to lower temperature. Gently wipe or pat your pet’s paws, necks, armpits, ears, and between hind legs. Cats’ and dogs’ bellies are among the warmest parts, so place a towel or cloth on that area, too.

Know the Warning Signs
Even though you now know the basics of cooling down your pets, it’s still important to learn the signs of heat stroke in cats and dogs. If you notice the following when your pet has been in the heat, try to cool them down and consult your veterinarian.

  • Excessive panting
  • Bright red tongue
  • Rapid heart-rate
  • Distressed breathing
  • Seizures
  • Dehydration
  • Excessive drooling
  • Lethargy

Be Proactive About Bugs

Warm summer weather is a bug’s best friend. Thankfully, there are easy ways to prevent these pests from causing problems. Your local Giant Eagle Pharmacy carries a range of common pet meds like FRONTLINE® for preventing fleas and ticks, and HEARTGARD® for preventing heartworms, which can be caused by mosquitos.

You can also get dozens of other pet prescriptions to keep your pet healthy all summer. Talk to a Pharmacist about your pet’s needs and earn perks on every prescription to use towards discounts on gas for driving them to the park and the people food they beg for.

All Your Allergy Needs

Pets have seasonal allergies just like you and me. Dog allergy symptoms can include itchiness, sneezing, and facial swelling on the ears, lips and eyelids. Allergies in cats cause many of the same symptoms. To keep your pets comfortable, find pet allergy medicine including Atopica, Apoquel, and Temaril at our Pharmacy. Ask a Pharmacist for full details on how they can treat your pet’s allergies.