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How to prep, cook, and enjoy this delightful fall fruit.

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Perfect Pomegranates Hacks

Get to Know the Pomegranate

The pomegranate might be one of nature's most complex fall fruits. To fully understand the pomegranate, let’s take a look at the name itself. The “pom” comes from the Latin word for “apple” and “granate” is derived from the word for “seed,” and if you’ve ever successfully opened a pomegranate, you know that its red, sweet seeds — known as arils — are well worth the trouble it takes to get to them. Keep reading for our tips on how to cook with pomegranates, helpful nutrition facts and a step-by-step deseeding video.

A Superfruit to the Rescue
Besides being delicious, pomegranates are superfruits with several health benefits. They contain three times more antioxidants than red wine and green tea and have been known to reduce inflammation and help digestion. Fresh (not pasteurized) pomegranates have about 40% of your daily required vitamin C as well as healthy amounts of both vitamin E and K. Pomegranates are also a symbol of fertility, youth, and good luck — a perfect excuse to eat them even more!

How to Pick & Store
When choosing pomegranates, go for ones that are stout and circular with a deep, red color and that feel heavy in your hand. The skin should be shiny and unblemished. If the skin is soft and easy to scratch, it is most likely ripe. Once you get your pomegranates home, keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, pomegranate seeds should be refrigerated and enjoyed within 5 days, or can be placed in the freezer for up to a year!

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Sweet & Savory

Pomegranate Recipes

Pomegranate Punch

Pomegranate Punch


Roasted Bottom Round with Pomegranate Chimichurri

Quinoa Tabouli with Pomegranates

Quinoa Tabouli with Pomegranates

Quinoa, Kale and Pomegranate Pilaf

Quinoa, Kale, and Pomegranate Pilaf

Fig, Pomegranate and Haloumi Salad

Fig, Pomegranate, and Haloumi Salad

Tri-Colored Salad with Pomegranate

Tricolor Salad with Pomegranate

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