Trojan Latex Condoms, UltraSmooth Lubricant

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Trojan Latex Condoms, UltraSmooth Lubricant
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12 condoms

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Trojan triple tested quality. For intense sensitivity and comfort. For contraception plus STI protection. Latex condoms are intended to prevent pregnancy, HV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections. Over 25% thinner than standard condoms - Designed for a more natural feeling. Comfort fit - Slightly longer and slightly larger at the closed end. UltraSmooth Premium Lubricant - For comfort and sensitivity. Low latex odor. Made from premium quality latex - To help reduce the risk. Each condom is electronically tested - To help ensure reliability. Always insist on Trojan - America's number 1 condom trusted for over 90 years. Triple tested Trojan quality. Made in Japan.