Smart Ones Salisbury Steak

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Smart Ones Salisbury Steak
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9.5 oz (269 g)

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In a savory onion gravy with creamy macaroni and cheese. 280 calories; 9 g fat. PointsPlus: Weight Watchers program with increased daily target. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. There's a lot of conflicting information about weight management out there. Just focus on protein. Carbs are all that matters. It's all about the fat. Just focus on fiber. The truth is that the best way to manage your weight is to focus on how all these things impact your body. Using advancement in nutritional science, Weight Watchers developed a new formula that helps wrap it all up into the easy-to-use and effective PointsPlus system. Together with all the proven advantages of the Weight Watchers approach, the PointsPlus program is a winning formula for a more fulfilling lifestyle. On Weight Watchers you can lose the weight and live your life at the same time. You can eat what you want as long as you're smart about it - so it's simple to incorporate into everyday life. Not a member? Visit for more information. PointsPlus values now on all Weight Watchers Smart Ones products! PointsPlus Value: 7. Same great product! Old: 280 calories; 9 g fat. New: 280 calories; 9 g fat. Weight Watchers: 6 Points value; 7 PointsPlus value. Increased daily target! Quality Pledge: Smart Ones is committed to providing the highest quality experience with our products. Visit us online: