LifeStyles Pleasure Collection

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LifeStyles Pleasure Collection
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12 premium lubricated condoms + 1 massage oil. Includes: 4 UltraSensitive: Almost like wearing nothing at all; 2 Flavors & Colors: Get ready for some fun and games; 2 Skyn: closest thing to wearing nothing; 2 Wyld: Pleasure shaped with ribs; 2 Thyn: 21% thinner for more sensitivity, yet strong and reliable; 1 Smooth 2-in-1 Lube Strawberry Massage Oil. Five different condom styles for the ultimate pleasure experiences! Specially lubricated for maximum pleasure and glide. Low latex scent. Reservoir tip offers extra safety and comfort. UltraSensitive: Thin, but still offers the same safety and reliability as standard condoms. Flavors & Colors: Flavored lubrication and a variety of condom colors for maximum pleasure. Skyn: Made of non-latex, polyisoprene material, that is clinically proven to protect and provide more comfort and sensitivity; the closest thing to wearing nothing! Wyld: Unique shape ensures sensual stimulation. Pleasure shaped for him; ribbed for her. Pleasure shaped shape with ribs. Thyn: 21% thinner than our standard condom. Our thinnest condom ever. Smooth 2-in-1: Strawberry scented all-over body massage and personal lubricant enhances overall experience. Each LifeStyles condom is electronically tested to meet US safety and reliability standards. When used correctly every time you have sex, latex condoms help prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of transmitting HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections.