Red's Quesadillas, Bean & Cheese

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Red's Quesadillas, Bean & Cheese
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2 quesadillas [9 oz (255 g)]

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All natural. Made with hormone-free cheese, beans, veggies and our secret seasonings. Red's Story: One night after enjoying my wife's famous Tuesday night burrito recipe, I had an epiphany - this is a delicious, filling, high quality meal; why can't we share it with the world? Next to me was my trusty dog Red who nodded in agreement. hence, Red's was born. Well, you love our burritos so much that we cooked up some new Red's creations. Quesadillas! Enjoy! - Mike Adair. Like the velociraptor, Red's Quesadillas are believed to hunt in packs and show extraordinary intelligence, even problem-solving abilities. - The burrito baron.